Wherever you go, go with all your heart.”

Happy New Years! Today is New Year’s Day. Facebook is filled with weight loss and personal enlightenment tips, the television is filled with Bowl games and my yard is filled with new fallen snow.

Nine inches of beautiful, pristine white blankets my yard.

It covers my gardens that I was not attentive to in my fall clean up. It covers my dog’s waste.  It covers the dying lawn and hardened ground. It covers “a litany of sins” as my father would say.

Imagine. We can play, falling arms wide to make Snow angels.

Or run with intention to make Designs visible from the second story.  Infinite possibilities.  My heart quivers with excitement. Where do I start?  It is irresistible.

But then, I begin to worry.

Pristine. No paths. No landmarks. Perfect. Virgin snow.

Imagine. Every move recorded. Ever step left as evidence of the direction taken. Decisions made.  Overwhelming.

The perfect analogy for a new year; pristine.

As is each day. New Year’s Day is change of the calendar- but isn’t every day? Isn’t everyday the right day to start living healthy, loving more, being present, make responsible financial choices, tell those you hold dear you love them, leave behind the habit that shackles you, live in gratitude, welcome joy and embrace the miracles around you?

From where I sit, each day is pristine. Each day a gift to do something to make my life more of what I want and to leave behind the things that no longer serve me.

My resolution is to wake each morning and send up a pray that I was blessed with the day.  I will face each day as the gift that it is.  That is all I got and it is enough.  It is more than enough. My awareness in this moment is that it is the little things that lead to big change. It is the first step that begins a journey. It is the compounding interest of choice that leads to transformation.  This past year opened the door to a great deal of self learning and reintroduction to ideas I had left unattended in the pursuit of busy.

  1. Not getting what you want sucks; but not knowing what you want sucks more.
  2. Hanging onto to something so you don’t lose it is your heart telling your head that it is already gone.
  3. Being too busy to hear yourself think is pretending you don’t hear yourself.
  4. There is nothing as scary as trusting your intuition. There is nothing as extraordinary as trusting your intuition. There is nothing if you don’t trust your intuition.
  5. Each day is a new chance. To be. Not to be. That really is the question.

So happy New Day! Celebrate! There are no paths. There are just possibilities.

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