I find inspiration everywhere- a sign in a restaurant, a passing comment, the things that make my niece giggle- everywhere.  I try to stay open to messages the universe sends like road signs hidden in obscure places on the scavenger hunt that is life.

Ashton Kutcher is not one of my favorite actors. In fact, he is someone I have been fairly dismissive of over the past decade. Yes, he is an attractive man but he just struck me as so Sophomoric. His show Punk’d reminded me of every jerk I knew in high school and his movies filled with more of the same humor.

No one is more shock than I that today, I found myself doing a mental standing ovation to the man who made his career being a pretty face with an adolescent boy’s humor.

The video of Ashton Kutcher accepting an award at the Teen Choice Awards begins predictably with screaming prepubescents and close ups of pop stars dressed in ultra hip, cool fashions.

– “Let’s be honest- this is the Old Guy award,”  Kutcher begins, greeted by laughter and more screams.  He tells the audience because of that he is going to give them some advice he learned early in his life- about opportunity, about being sexy and about living life.  The auditorium is filled with more screams from an audience on the edge of their seats .

  • Opportunity looks a lot like hard work.
  • The Sexiest thing is being really smart.
  • Your life is yours to build.  


No, YOLO?  No, live out loud on social media because there is no one more interesting than you? No, having fun is your birthright?   

The silence in the room was uncomfortable. The message may have fallen flat on the teens in the room, but it moved me.

I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.

This line of thinking leaves me paralyzed with panic from the finality of the exercise.  The advice I give to my students to stop looking at their careers as a single choice and more like an evolution based on life lessons and experimentation. Why is there only one choice? 

I am standing at a cross road. Looking for a sign.  

But perhaps what I should be looking for is bricks.

(I will include the link.  It is worth the 5 minutes of your life it takes to view sage advice from an unlikely source.)