Happy Military Appreciation. In honor of the Month, I am writing a tribute about people in my life associated with the military. Today, I am recognizing Specialist Eric Gillette.  Eric played football with my son. He was easy to spot from the sideline- his long wavy hair was often flowing outside his helmet. Eric was always very polite when came to my home for Thursday night football dinners. I would see his mother and father in the stands, supporting Eric. He was quiet but determined. Eric joined the Army 8 months after high school in Feb of 2010.  Eric quiet determination led him to a successful career in the US Army. Eric is in Satellite communications.  He spent his first overseas deployment in the DMZ of Korea.  In 2011, Eric married the Beautiful Roxanne Gillette.  The hardest part of military service on young couples is the challenge of multiple deployments.  Eric is currently deployed in the middle east- his unit, the 67th Expeditionary Signal Battalion is spread from Kuwait to Afghanistan. Eric recently won Soldier of the month and has now moved on to compete for Soldier of the Quarter.  The good news for Roxanne is that Eric will return home in September of this year, ending a long 9 month deployment.  Join me in saying a prayer to bring Eric home safely to his young bride.  I am extremely thankful to Eric for his willingness to stand point and protect all he holds dear; his beautiful bride, his loving family, the constitution and a grateful country.  Thank you.