Happy Military Appreciation Month!  I am recognizing a person associated with the military in my life. Today, I am going to recognize my friend Ron Carr. Ron and I went to high school together. After high school Ron went to North Park college and then joined the Navy as an Officer. He went on to earn a graduate degree in Economics from the University of Oklahoma and then an MA in Industrial College of Armed Force and Northwestern Kellogg School of Management, which is no surprise to anyone who had a class with him in high school. . It has been to track Ron’s career over the years. He has progressed through the ranks as of course we all expected him to.  Ron was a natural born leader- getting it right and getting it done. He continues to do so as the Assistant Chief of Logistics for the 7th fleet.  Imagine if you will- being responsible for the supplies for an entire FLEET of ships in a foreign home port.

When I first re connected with Ron, he was in Virginia as well- but he was serving at the Pentagon in Washington DC, clearly well on his way to a incredible career.

My husband was an east coast sailor his entire career, so I truly enjoy watching Ron’s adventures in South Korea, Japan and the pacific rim.  Let me give you an idea what a great guy Ron is. Last August was my 30th high school reunion- (shocked right?)

Ron was unable to attend because duty called. – Instead he sent a case of Dom Perigon for our class to enjoy a toast together over the phone with him. Now how is that for a class act?

Ron puts the rest of to shame as he runs marathons, half marathons and climbs Mt. Fuji proving age and career responsibilities are only barriers to being incredible if you let them be.  Ron takes pride in his beautiful daughter who is a college student in Southern Illinois and lives in Japan with his wife.

Ron takes a great deal of pride in his service to his country- as he reminded me,  “less than 1% of Americans know what that feel like. “


Ron, It has been great following your career over the past 20 years. I am eager to see where your final tour takes you- somewhere spectacular I am sure.   Keep up the fine work. You make us Warren Blue Devils proud! Thank you for you continued service.