May 18, 2013

Happy Military Appreciation Month. I am recognizing someone in my life associated with the military every day in honor of the month. I forgot to load yesterday’s so I will do two today. First, I am recognizing my father in law Marino Maule. Marino was a first generation Italian, the youngest and only son in a family of five. Mo served in the US Navy during the Korean Conflict. He spent the bulk of his military career in Adak Alaska working as an Aviation mechanic.   Mo would tell stories about living in Quonset huts and long days with no sunshine.  Mo’s Navy career was cut short when he lost his leg below the knee in a Motorcycle accident.  Marino returned to Springfield, MA.  And met the beautiful Claire Zeppa.  Claire is 5 feet tall. Marino was 6 foot 7 inches tall. Claire used to joke the only person she was taller than in her home was the dog. Together, they raised three children, all who followed their father into the Navy. My brother in Law Bob was a Merchant Marine who was an Officer in the Naval Reserves. My sister in law Alane was a  Machinist repairman who served for ten years. And my husband, Jack who retired after 21.5 years.   Marino was there when Jack made Chief, pinning his anchors on the first time during the advancement ceremony. Our daughter Aeysha represents the third generation  of the Maule family to serve in the US Navy.  Marino was active in the Disable Veterans of America and the Knight of Columbus.  They moved from Springfield, MA. In 1980 to Walpole, New Hampshire building a beautiful house amid the mountains. In  1992,  Marino and Claire moved to the more moderate temperatures of Lewes, Deleware. Marino died peacefully in June of 1997.