I decided to recognize people in my life who are associated with the military. May is Military appreciation month- and life most things, I know that because I am surrounded by the military- most people don’t – because they are not But I have a big facebook community and so this is what I did. Each day- I would feature another person in my life who served. It have been fantastic. Meaningful to me in a way I wouldn’t have thought possible.  I assume that it was a good call back to the blog.

So- I will catch you all up.

May 2, 2103- Happy Military Appreciation Month!
I think I will recognize a different Veteran in my life everyday in the month of May.
Starting with my father. SSgt Louis Vasseur. My dad was a Marine who served in the Korean War. He was a sole surviving son and could not be drafted but volunteered to serve immediately after high school. He proudly wore his Corps. colors til the day he died. In fact, the last time I saw him he was wearing his Korean Vet belt buckle, his Marine Corp ball cap and the William & Mary sweatshirt I had just given him, over his Camp Lejeune shirt.
My favorite memory was being able to visit the Korean war memorial in DC with him. He was very quiet. For those who knew my dad- you realize how significant that is. He came to visit us in Virginia for the 50 anniversary of the Landing at Inchon re-enactment at Little Creek Naval Base in Norfolk. He then marched with other Korean combat veterans in a parade- back straight, chest out. He was so proud… so was I. I tear up every time I think of it.
I appreciated my father for alot of things, but as a military spouse. I truly appreciate the sacrifice he made to defend my country.

May 3, 2013-Happy Military Appreciation month!
Today I want to honor my husband, GSEC Jack Maule. Jack was a EM2 when we met- a second class petty officier. He was going to school at Great Lakes as an Electricians Mate. I never dated sailors, they were ‘those” guys in my world. Until Jack- actually, I didn’t know he was in the Navy until out third date- he said he was an electrician- I never asked where he worked. Fate. He served on the USS Charleston, USS Belknap, USS John Hancock, USS KIDD, & USS Briscoe. He worked in DESROn, SIMA Norfolk and lead 31 TANGO tactical team until he retired after 21.5 years. He will tell you he was just doing his job. But in that job he kept engine rooms up and down the east coast running, mentored numerous NCOs and earned the respect and admiration of everyone who ever worked with him- several who followed him to GE. I watch him play with my niece and nephews and truly understand what he sacrificed in service to his country spending 80% of his “haze grey and underway.” My life has been rich and varied as the result of meeting that tall sailor from Massachusetts- and I could write all day and never touch the level of love and appreciation I have for him. Thank you for your service.

May 4, 2013- Today, I am honoring my daughter, CTT2 Aeysha Maule. In January of 2006, Aeysha sat Jack and I down to inform us she did not want to go to college. She wanted to see the world. She had been talking to the recruiters at school and had decided to join the Navy. I was anxious. Her father was anxious- he knew what she was getting into. Life for a woman on a ship is hard, a clear minority. She finished bootcamp, was home for 20 hours and then left for A school . After A school, she flew to Bahrain to meet her ship. My blue eyed, blonde haired 19 year old daughter off to the the Middle East – alone to wait for her ship. I was nervous but I was also immensely proud. She was deployed off the coast of Africa for 7 months. In her five years of service she deployed three more times. When Aeysha returned home in May of 2011, she came home with money in the bank, a jeep that was paid off and a new idea for what she wanted to do. She is in college. She is finding her way in her next chapter. I remain incredibly proud of my daughter and all that she has done in her life. She is part of the very select group of 1% that opted to serve her country above herself. I love my daughter and appreciate all she has done for our country.

I will add the rest as the month progresses. Hope you enjoy the ride.